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Why Use A Pediatric Allergist?

Pediatric Allergists Are Well-Trained

Abilene Pediatric Allergy DoctorPediatric allergists have completed years of training to learn how to prevent, diagnose, and treat allergies and immunologic disorders; including asthma, allergic rhinitis, hives, eye allergies, eczema, and chronic sinus infections in children of all ages.

After obtaining a medical degree, pediatric allergist candidates then complete three years of residency training in pediatrics, then must be certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. Finally, after two more years serving as fellows in accredited allergy-immunology training programs, future pediatric allergists must pass the American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI) certification exam. This exam specifically tests their skills, knowledge, and experience in treating children with allergic disease.

In short, an ABAI-certified pediatric allergist is a highly qualified professional with specific training in the science and practice of allergy in children.

Pediatric Allergists Understand Children:

Children who suffer with allergy disease or asthma not only experience life feeling miserable, but they can become weary of parents and doctors who seem to constantly poke and prod at them.

Our expertise is children – so we are able to set your children at ease during examinations. This helps us to better obtain details of their symptoms and problems.

We Understand How to Treat Children:

Children are not miniature adults – so we don’t want to treat them that way.

As a pediatric allergist, we are trained in the latest diagnostic and treatment tools, and stay on top of research on promising new therapies giving us an understanding of what tools and treatments are safe for infants and the very young.

We Understand Children’s Lifestyles:

In addition to their physical symptoms, children with allergies may suffer from other symptos such as psychological problems, sleeping difficulties, academic troubles and conflicts with peers. A Pediatric allergist will approach the issue with a broad perspective of how allergies affect the lives of children directly and indirectly.

For example, we might explore how a child with asthma is coping in school: Is the child allowed to carry his inhaler all day or must he go to the school nurse to get it before every gym class? If so, he may be skipping gym class and losing out on exercise that can reduce his asthma symptoms.

We Understand the Family:

Allergies can become a family issue. So, not only will a pediatric allergist treat the symptoms for the child, we can help the family learn how to deal with the issues that tag along.

For example, with food allergies, we can help parents learn how to read food labels and how to prepare meals that avoid triggering their childs allergy symptoms.

Or, with pet and environmental allergies, we can help you learn how to practice avoidance measures to best alleviate and reduce allergic symptoms.

Moreover, for parents of children with life-threatening allergies, allergists can prescribe an emergency action plan to teach parents how to react quickly and correctly if their child accidentally ingests an allergen.

Pediatric allergists are trained to comprehensively diagnose and treat children with one or many allergies. Our speciality is to help young people lead healthier and more ‘normal’ lives. This is the life your child deserves because they are special – to you AND to us!

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